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    4. News

      technical support

      Efficient whole process service

      technical support

      after-sale service

      Many years of public praise

      after-sale service

      Brand advantage

      Ten years of experience, original brand

      Efficiency creates value

      One stop solution

      Customized design for you

      No worries about cooperation

      Wuyang Vietnam company

      Wuyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. As a global supplier of double needle warp knitting machines, it is a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise that produces series of warp knitting machines and warp knitted fully formed garments. It has six entities: Wuyang textile machinery, Wuyang saide, Chengzhong printing and dyeing, Ashley 3D warp knitting clothing, digital factory and global warp knitting technology Co., Ltd.

      The company is a council member of China Textile Industry Federation and Jiangsu Provincial robot alliance. It is recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology as a single champion demonstration enterprise of "double needle bed warp knitting machine" manufacturing industry and a national industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise,